Shannon Finnegan

Anti-Stairs Club Lounge

Anti-Stairs Club Lounge
Commissioned for the Wassaic Project's 2017 and 2018 Summer Exhibitions

Anti-Stairs Club Lounge at Wassaic Project

An orange wall with big text in a stair-inspired font that says, "Anti-Stairs Club Lounge."
The interior of the lounge featuring chairs, reading materials, lamps, candy, and a mini-fridge.
A corner of the lounge with a chair, a charging station, books, magazines, and a fake plant.
The top of a mini fridge showing a sign that says, “Have a seltzer,” and a thumbs-up-shaped container of Smarties.
A framed print reading, "Reinventing my strangeness as an art form that only I am the perfect practitioner of."
Twin chairs with custom Anti-Stairs-Club-Lounge-patterned cushions.

Anti-Stairs Club Lounge addresses the inaccessibility of the Wassaic Project's exhibition space, Maxon Mills. Maxon Mills is seven floors with no ramps or elevator above the first floor.

Anti-Stairs Club Lounge is a space exclusively for visitors who cannot or choose not to go upstairs. The space includes: seating, reading materials, light refreshments, plants, and a charging station. It features a mural that says “The higher you climb, the farther you fall.”

Year: 2017–2018
Size: Dimensions variable
Materials: Furniture, custom textiles, books, snacks