Shannon Finnegan

Alt-Text as Poetry

Alt-Text as Poetry

Bojana speaking while I look on. The monitor behind us shows a slide that says “Intent”.
Four people looking at images and writing on worksheets.
People looking at images and writing on their worksheets.

Alt-Text as Poetry is a collaboration between me and Bojana Coklyat supported by my residency at Eyebeam.

Alt-text is an essential part of web accessibility, making visual content accessible to blind people and people with low vision. It is often overlooked altogether or understood through the lens of compliance, as an unwelcome burden to be met with minimum effort. How can we instead approach alt-text thoughtfully and creatively? This project reframes alt-text as a type of poetry and creates opportunities to practice writing it.

Year: 2019
Size: Dimensions variable
Materials: Workshop curriculum and workbook

The workshop has been presented at:
Creative Capital

Flux Factory

Gallatin School of Individualized Study, NYU

Laundromat Project
Lincoln Center

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Movement Research

Pratt Institute

Queens Museum

Refiguring the Future, Knockdown Center
Triangle Arts

Vassar Collage

Photos by Christine Butler from the workshop we did at Refiguring the Future.