Shannon Finnegan

Fashionable Canes for Tête-à-tête

Fashionable Canes

A screenshot of my project on about the website

Created for Tête-à-tête. Curated by Samantha Best with technical direction by Robert Wiegmann.

The background of the website is a shaded colored pencil drawing that says FASHIONABLECANES.COM. Over the background are floating boxes: some are product photos of canes (a Lucite cane, a goose handle, etc) and some have text (examples: “This is definitely the 'newest' style available and has already become a big hit with people from all walks of life!” and “Just like taking a swim in the deep sea, this Ocean Blue Metallic Round Knob cane is sure to refresh and revitalize you every day.”)

Year: 2017
Size: Dimensions variable
Materials: Website